Working Committee Printing Solution Services

Working Committee Printing Solution Services

The Bitkom Committee on Printing Solution Services held its hybrid meeting on november 24, 2022, at Dreusicke. Engergy saving recommendations are high on the committee's agenda. Nevertheless, time was also found for a guided tour on Dreusicke's rubber roller production, including the automatisation with robots.

Flexible Cobot-Days in December

Flexible Cobot-Days in December

You need live information on robots but don't have much time? Use our flexible Cobot-days for coming on short notice. On the 6th, 13th & 14th december, 2022, 8h30 - 15h00. Waiting for you 3-hour Program, withe presentations, cobots live in our Production and Development, and the possibility to Program on your own - get a true impression of how robots can automate your production, quality & logistics departments.


Fast, easy, efficient with the
logo VARiTENDRobot Cell System

logo VARiTEND at Work

Use Case Videos

VariTend - Mashine-Tending with a CNC-Lathe
VariTend - Bin-Picking with 3D-camera-setup
VariTend - flexible feeding of rubber-rollers for grinding process
VariTend - flexible parts feeding with a UR-Roboter
VariTend - flexible feeding of sheet metal angles
VariTend - robot cell: #PlugAndProduce in 3 steps
VariTend - robot cell with 2 parts-storage-modules


Consulting and sales

  • Standard solutions for feeding of parts to machine tools
  • Use of lightweight robots from Universal Robots
  • A selection of pre-engineered modules for feeding and depositing your parts
  • Advice on the selection of accessories such as finger grippers, suction pads, cameras, etc. .

Conception and construction

  • Procurement of the components
  • On-site commissioning
  • Technical documentation

Individual programming solutions

  • Individual programming solutions
  • URCaps: Design and implementation of individualized control elements and input options for the Universal Robots Polyscope interface


Get a complete solution with our robot cells:

This includes a robot from Universal Robots fully integrated in a cell consisting of a table, workpiece magazines / parts feeding solutions and the necessary safety devices. Simple transfer from one workstation to the next. Our robot cells are mobile by means of lifting rollers with integrated locking feet. Well suited for use on CNC-machine tools as well as on older machines such as conventional lathes, milling or punching machines, or measuring devices. The gripper of the robot takes over the manual operation of the machine. Thus, no direct connection between the robot and the machine is necessary.

Preview image shows part of Dreusicke video ROBOT CELLS FOR MACHINE LOADING AND UNLOADING - YouTube
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Dreusicke Robotics Program User Interface Dreusicke Robotics Program User Interface

Lightweight robots from Universal Robots

They are easy to get started with, precise and suitable for various tasks.
Usable in 'Cobot-mode' - in coexistence or collaboration with personnel.

Simple operation and program guidance

The advantage of our solution is the fast and user-friendly conversion of the robot cell settings for picking and placing different parts of your production range.

During the design of the robot cell control features, we put special emphasis on the importance of a simple user guidance.

Here, we continuously profit from experience gained from own applications in our production of technical rubber rollers.

Program guidance as familiar from CNC programming.

Your employees do not have to become robot specialists.

You control the insertion and removal processes simply by entering parameters such as drawing dimensions and position corrections. Just like programming CNC machine tools.

Flexible program management

Individual parameter packages, such as dimensions of the part, the sizes of boxes or trays containing the parts, or the necessary positions during the insertion process on the machine, can be saved and reloaded separately from each other. To change over the settings to a new part on the same machine, you simply load the corresponding part parameters and can then concentrate on setting up the machine.

Fast amortization

This makes the automation of work processes reasonable and affordable, even for small and medium-sized series. Due to the fast integration and a versatile applicability in your production, this investment often pays for itself within one year.


Cobots from Universal Robots fit perfectly to this slogan. Easy to program, superior design and precision in positioning and repeat accuracy are only a few of their features.

To these add a wide selection of plug & play accessories – software and hardware.

The best example are the components of our VARiTEND robot cell system.

They lead you the way to an easy start of a successful automation project.

Dreusicke is Certified System Integrator
of Universal Robots.

Logo 'Universal Robots'
Dreusicke Robotics - Certified System Integrator


UR3e UR5e UR10e UR16e
Reach: 500 mm 850 mm 1300 mm 900 mm
Payload: 3 kg 5 kg 12,5 kg 16 kg
Weight: 11,2 kg 20,6 kg 33,5 kg 33,1 kg
Footprint: 128 mm 149 mm 190 mm 190 mm
Fact sheet:
endurance tests, bonding, varnishing, assembly of light components, screwdriving, packaging
machine tending, bonding, dispensing, lab analysis, assembly of low weight components, pick & place tasks, product testing, quality control, packaging & palletizing
machine tending, bonding, dispensing, lab analysis, assembly of medium weight components, pick & place tasks, product testing, quality control, packaging & palletizing, furbishing
pick & place, packaging & palletizing, machine tendingassembly, product testing, quality control
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